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Tomorrow at 11.00 a.m. the second call for grants for SMEs of the Digital Kit will open


September 1, 2022 – Tomorrow, September 2, is the deadline for SMEs between 3 and 9 workers to apply for a grant of 6,000 euros, within the Digital Kit program. This is the second call for applications under this program, after the call for applications for SMEs with between 10 and 49 workers was launched in March. A third and final call is pending, for SMEs and the self-employed with 0 to 2 employees, which will presumably be opened before the end of the year.

From DigitalES, Spanish Association for Digitalization, we have carried out a monitoring, information and dissemination of this program for the digital transformation of small and medium enterprises. As such, we have set up a very complete informative web space that includes answers to common questions about this Recovery Plan program, as well as links to the electronic headquarters, and to all related information of interest.

> Go to the SME page:

In this web site you will also find all the information about the next ACTIVA grants for the digitalization of SMEs, which will be managed by the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Trade.

Assessment of the first call for the Digital Kit

From DigitalES, we value positively how the Digital Kit program is working. In general terms, the deadlines for granting the digitalization bonds have been tight, the procedures for resolving incidents and corrections have been agile, and the program has achieved a good impact among SMEs in our country.

With a view to the second call, the Government has clarified some points that raised many questions during the previous call, and plans to continue to improve in terms of agility. In addition, from now on the Digital Kit will be able to pay for solutions that integrate hardware, thus fulfilling one of the main demands of our associates.

The success of this semi-automated model of aid management for the execution of massive volumes of applications will, in fact, be extended to other aid under the Recovery Plan. Among them, the aforementioned ACTIVA programs for digitalization advice.

In short, we believe that the Digital Kit will help to break down many fears about digitalization and that, together with other advisory and mentoring programs, it will help Spain to move in the right direction. For the definitive success of these public policies, it will be essential to accompany all the public impact achieved by the Digital Kit, as well as all the digital push that the Covid-19 pandemic has forced us to make, with an effort to enhance the pull effect that large companies can have in our country.

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