DigitalES is member of the Executive Committee , of the Board of Directors and of the Commissions of Education and Training, Tax, Industry and Energy, R + D + i, Digital Society and European Union.

The Andalusian technology cluster brings together more than 300 companies and organizations. Together with DigitalES, the agreement seeks to detect the digitization needs of the sector through actions that promote the defense of the digital transformation of the regional and national business fabric.

The agreement includes the participation of Feique in different Working Groups of DigitalES, as well as the planning and development of various joint actions to address issues as relevant to the chemical sector as industry 4.0, additive manufacturing or cybersecurity. & nbsp;
The Federation of Municipalities and Provinces and DigitalES seek to promote the digitization of municipalities and the development of smart spaces.
The Association of Construction Companies and Concessionaires of Infrastructures and DigitalEs collaborate with the objective of identifying and promoting common initiatives, activities and events, forums, information campaigns or training programs that contribute to the defense of the digital transformation of the Spanish economy .

Education and formation