Mission, vision and values


To make Spain a benchmark country in technology innovation, fostering the global and real digitalisation of citizens, companies and public authorities through our knowledge and experience.
– We are active agents of digitalisation, innovation and the application of technologies, based on the very nature of each member company, and now also on the power of working together.

– We contribute to the growth and development of Spain through stable and sustainable investment and the creation of high-value and attractive jobs for the development of highly qualified professionals.

– Therefore, we see ourselves as key players in digitalisation with a social impact on the everyday lives of companies and citizens.


To contribute to digital transformation in Spain and from Spain and to make our country a benchmark in the field, using our experience and knowledge to deliver proposals and solutions that have a real impact on the lives of citizens and lead to the digital development of society as a whole.
– Backing the potential of digital innovation as a driving force behind the development of the economy and society.

– Broadening business opportunities through Data Science and Business Intelligence to foster investment and job creation by companies, thereby favouring their growth and enhancing their results through digitalisation.

– Showing and demonstrating to society the positive impact that technology, innovation and digitalisation have on the everyday lives of companies and citizens.

– Forging solid alliances with the public authorities and other organisations to enhance and streamline this development and the decisive role of Spain on the European and international stage.


Our values ​​represent the essence of our skills

Humanization of technology and innovation, transparency in information and social cohesion through digitalization and the access of all society to the technologies and contents that make it possible, as pillars of transformation.

Modelos de negocio responsables y SOSTENIBLES, y despliegue de infraestructuras que contribuyan a mejorar la

Responsible and SUSTAINABLE business models, and deployment of infrastructures that contribute to improving the lives of people through digital innovation.
COMMITMENT to society and its development and transformation objectives, with its own initiatives and through collaboration with the other actors capable of contributing to it.
Partnerships with entities, agencies and administrations for the joint development of projects and proposals that facilitate real change.

Real experience of companies and expert professionals who develop the most advanced technologies and implement them for businesses and citizens.
Growth and development of the economy and society through technological and digital innovation, especially in communications, for all sectors and areas.


Ability to promote and promote change, based on the knowledge, experience and power of the companies that define and make possible the future, with specific needs. Companies that are at the heart of digitalization, fundamental pillars of competitiveness, productivity and social and economic development.