Mission, vision & values


To make Spain a more prosperous, resilient and competitive country through digital transformation, promoting the real digitization of citizens, companies and public administrations.

  • We are experts on digitalization, innovation and the application of technologies. We benefit from our associates’ experience, together with our own expertise and the strength of unity through this employer’s association.
  • We contribute to the growth and development of Spain through stable and sustainable investments, as well as the generation of qualified and specialized employment, leading into a more modern country’s economic model.
  • We offer extensive experience in public and private management, and a deep knowledge of the different areas of digitization.


To contribute to digital transformation in Spain and from Spain, and place our country as a benchmark, providing proposals and solutions that have a real impact on the lives of citizens and a revitalizing effect on the economy as a whole.

  • Support the potential of digital innovation as an engine for the development of the economy and society.
  • Expand business possibilities through Data Science and Business Intelligence to facilitate investment and job creation by companies, favoring their growth and improving their results through digitization.
  • Show and demonstrate to society the positive impact that technology, innovation and digitization have on the day-to-day of companies and people.
  • Create solid alliances with Public Administrations and other organizations to promote and accelerate this development and the decisive role of Spain in the European and global arena.


We are a fresh and dynamic association, genuinely committed to social and economic progress through innovation and digital transformation, both at a national and European scale. Our values represent the essence of our skills:

We fight for a “level playing field” that rewards investment, innovation and wealth creation. A digital environment that fosters economic and social growth, limiting potential market distortions and unfair competition, seeking to eliminate administrative obstacles, and supporting the path outlined by the European Union.

Our best asset: the experience of our associates and our team in developing technologies, proposals, amendments, networking opportunities and digital business models.

We forge solid alliances with Public Administrations and other entities and organizations for the joint development of projects and proposals. We actively participate in forums, working groups and public-private debate spaces to promote and accelerate the development and decisive role of Spain in the European and global arena.

At DigitalES, we are open to Administrations, companies and other organizations to help design public policies, promote digital talent and promote best practices.

The companies that are part of DigitalES provide the backbone for economic growth, quality job creation and social well-being. Technology and the digital industry will be critical to the post-COVID recovery.

Our associates also stand out for their commitment to ethical and socially responsible digital transformation: they develop accountable and SUSTAINABLE business models, and deploy infrastructures that contribute to improving people’s lives through access to digital innovation.

We have the ability to drive and promote change. We are strongly supported by the knowledge and expertise of our associates -the leading companies that will design our future. These companies are at the heart of digitization, and therefore are fundamental pillars of competitiveness, productivity and social and economic development.

We believe Spain must be the spearhead in the construction of a real Digital Single Market. Because only within a European framework can we be competitive and attract investment, subsidiaries and talent to our country.