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Is Spain at the pace it should be in 5G? DigitalES responds


Many media outlets are asking us about the pace of 5G deployments in Spain. Should we be concerned?

Today, there is no reason for concern about 5G deployment times. Despite what some European comparisons indicate, it is important to emphasize that each country makes its calculations based on different criteria. It is therefore imperative that we all look for homogeneous indicators with which to make more accurate comparisons.

On the other hand, as Arturo Azcorra, Secretary General of Telecommunications of the Government, recently explained, Spain has been, among the major European countries, the one that has obtained the highest return from the 5G pilot projects promoted by the Executive in recent years.

At the same time, associations such as DigitalES seek to help Spain to maintain its undoubted leadership in 5G, which it undoubtedly holds in fixed networks. This will depend fundamentally on the implementation of the UNICO plans (Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan), the regulatory development of the recently approved General Telecommunications Law, and the progress of the business models that will serve as a spur for the different productive industries in our country.

In relation to the ÚNICO plans, it is worth highlighting the complementarity of the calls for proposals, because they are aimed not only at network deployment, but also at stimulating demand, accelerating the development of digital services and R&D. In the end, the success of 5G in Spain will depend on the work we do together on these four major pieces of the puzzle.


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