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From F1 to F12: what are these keys that almost nobody uses on the computer for?

Our computers, or the vast majority of them, have on their top row a series of keys that almost nobody uses. And yet, they can save us a lot of time, or at least they did in the early days of computing. These are the 12 keys from F1 to F12.

Today, many of the functions they perform coexist with modern user interfaces, easier or more intuitive, which gradually condemn them to a more decorative or sentimental function. We use the mouse more than keyboard shortcuts. But they can still save you a lot of time if you get used to using them.

This is the case of the F5 key, the most famous and most used of all, which we can use to refresh our computer, that is, when we are impatient because some Internet page does not load, or does not load at the speed we want. We also tell you what the other 11 keys above are for.

qwerty keyboard


F1 Opens the help menu
Ctrl +F1 Show/hide menu options in Excell and Word
F1 in Chrome Open Chrome support


F2 Rename a file in Windows Explorer
F2 Edit the active cell in Microsoft Excel
Ctrl + F2 Shows a print preview in Word
Alt + Ctrl + F2 Open the document library in Microsoft Office


F3 Opens the search function
Shift + F3] Allows you to change the font state in Word, between upper and lower case letters.


Alt + F4 Closes the active window


F5 Refresh the Internet browser or the
F5 Start the slide show in PowerPoint
F5 Opens «Find and Replace» in Microsoft Office and other programs.
Ctrl + F5 Refresh the browser, also clearing the cache memory.


Ctrl + Shift + F6 Allows you to easily switch between Word documents
F6 Places the cursor in the browser’s address bar
F6 Page turning in a split screen in Microsoft Word


F7 Performs a spelling and grammar check in Word.
Shift + F7 Open the thesaurus


F8 Select text in Word
F8 when turning on the computer Opens in fail-safe mode


F9 Update a Word document
F9 Send or receive e-mails in Outlook
F9 Recalculate formulas in Excel
F9 Opening a presentation in Corel Draw as if it were Microsoft PowerPoint


Ctrl + F10 Maximize the window in Microsoft Word
Shift + F10 Does the same as right click


F11 Activates/deactivates the «full screen» mode.
Shift + F11 Add a new spreadsheet in Excel


F12 Open «Save As» in Microsoft Word
Ctrl + F12 Open a Word document
Shift + F12 Save a Word document
Ctrl + Shift + F12 Print a Word document


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