If this period of confinement has shown anything, it is that digital skills are more necessary than ever. Tools such as Zoom, Skype, Slack or Hangouts have helped us to hold remote meetings with total normality and among a large number of people. The WhatsApp rate has increased by as much as 700% and the networks have supported the traffic increases inherent in telework and leisure resulting from this situation.

But what about people who do not have the necessary skills to take advantage of these tools? Isn’t this a good time to buy them?

And not only them, of course. Anyone who wants to increase their knowledge now has a golden opportunity to do so. In addition to the reliability of the networks, there is a wide range of free courses focused on digital skills, of all types and levels.

Web Analytics Course

Such as those grouped in the ‘Digitalízate’ platform, a project developed by Fundae, the State Foundation for Employment Training, and promoted by DigitalES, where free online courses are offered by 12 large multinational companies.

We highlight some of the most interesting ones, available as of today.

1.- Web Analytics

A 30-hour course given by Fundación Telefónica in which to learn about one of the areas that is currently in greatest demand by professionals.

Web analytics is not only about extracting data but also about interpreting it correctly. The course reviews the tools to rescue all the necessary data in order to interpret them and draw conclusions that help to improve digital products.

2.- Navigate safely

What happens when you post something online? Who are the hackers and what can they do if they get your information? How can you avoid it?

The Accenture Foundation makes available to everyone some videos to learn about the digital footprint that all our actions leave on the Internet, discover what a hacker is and some security measures.

3.- Internet of Things

With an estimated duration of 15 hours, this Cisco course introduces students to the technologies that make the Internet of Things possible, and the professional and social opportunities created by the growing number of networked connections between people, processes, data and things.

4.- Big Data

Want to understand what Big Data means and the opportunities it brings? These IBM courses serve as an introduction to tools such as Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark Frameworks, which allow you to analyze bulk data and begin to identify patterns and trends that would otherwise go unnoticed.

Big Data Course

5.- Office 365

Office 365 is Microsoft’s cloud-based productivity, communication and collaboration production platform. Everis University explains how to get the most out of this tool.

6.- 5G Architecture

Huawei makes White Papers and relevant information on such crucial topics as 5G architecture available to everyone.

7.- App development

A 40-hour course designed for beginners by Google and the Complutense University of Madrid. It develops the basic skills and concepts to create applications for mobile devices and the essential principles that should inspire their creation.

8.- Machine Learning

Amazon offers various courses and resources for training in the field of Machine Learning. After these courses, the student will be able to understand how artificial intelligence (AI) led to machine learning (ML), which then led to deep learning (DL).

digital skills

Design Thinking and Challenge Management

This SAP course provides professionals with the tools and methods to transform and innovate the companies in which they work and develop personal skills to meet the challenges that arise with digital transformation.

10.- Java 11

In this free course Oracle’ s Java product managers summarize the features incorporated in Java SE 11.


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