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What does technology sound like?

Music producer Carlos Jean will compose a musical piece with the voices of the protagonists of the DigitalES SUMMIT 2919 congress.

It may seem like an impossible question to answer, but in a few days we will have the answer. And we’ll know what the technology sounds like here, now, in July 2019. In the form of a song. And composed by none other than an artist of the stature of Carlos Jean.

The upcoming #Digitales2019 conference will bring together more than 70 speakers, 600 guests and 14 panel discussions. Among those who will take the stage will be executives from major technology companies, ministers, institutional leaders, politicians and even two former heads of government.

What the technology sounds like

All of them will leave, as usual, wise advice and an accurate vision on Digital Transformation, but their contribution does not end there. They will also lend their voice to help us understand what the technology sounds like.

With them, and with the sounds inspired by digitalization, the music producer Carlos Jean will compose a unique theme, containing the essence of the Digital Transformation in the form of a musical piece, with the voices of its most relevant actors. On July 17, as a culmination of the Congress, the popular musician will present on stage the premiere of this song accompanied by a video in which he can be seen composing and creating.

How will you make this possible?

The congress will have two recording booths where the famous producer will be working and where the main speakers of the congress will be present, becoming music stars for a day. With his vocals, Carlos Jean will shape a piece of music that will become the hit of Digitales Summit 2019.

The music track will be uploaded to Spotify and iTunes and all proceeds from it will go to the. Women4It program of the foundation International Plan, aimed at boosting the digital skills and employability of young women in the digital economy, as well as promoting innovative solutions to increase the number of women with technological careers.

DigitalES 2019 musicians


The congress, which will also feature a performance by the band ‘Music Has No Limits’ will take place in the auditorium of the Duque Pastrana complex in Madrid, for a capacity of about 600 guests. It can be followed on DigitalES social networks and with the hashtag #DigitalES2019.

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