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The importance of talent to emerge from the post-covid crisis

Spain ranks 115th in the world in talent selection and disengagement. This is very worrying considering that talent has gone from holding 50% of the power in a company to holding 90%, and rising. Managing it is one of the great challenges for all organizations today.

This is what he said last Friday Juan Carlos Cubeiro, managing partner of IDEO and advisor of the Human Age Institute, in one more edition of ‘Las mañanas del Mañana’, the breakfast-colloquium organized by DigitalES reviews and analyzes current issues in the sector by prestigious humanists and thinkers.

The writer also presented the keys to success in the post-covid era and analyzed the consequences of a virus that, in his opinion, has reset capitalism. «Other previous pandemics have meant the fall of the Roman Empire or the shift from European to American dominance. After the passage of the coronavirus, China’s GDP will surpass that of the U.S.,» he said.

The virus that reset capitalism

The first step to success, he explained, is to «overcome the triangle of overwhelm». And that is achieved with a good economic partner that ensures liquidity, with the right technology and a sales force that is aligned with the marketing strategy.

The second key, he said, is the tests, «necessary to return to normal healthcare, but also economic. «The tests that companies need to take are leadership, team, talent and learnability,» he added.

At this point, he insisted on the importance of managing talent well in the face of resistance to change, which is often articulated «without a bad word, but without a good deed». To manage it successfully, he said, «leaders of compassionate firmness» are needed.

«Happy people are three times more productive than unhappy people,» said AboutMyBrain’s president for Europe, who clarified that talent has nothing to do with age. «One is old only when the longings outweigh the dreams,» he said.

Juan Carlos Cubeiro

Cubeiro, who has written more than 50 books, explained that «the hunger for talent requires humanism, technology acceleration, a start-up mentality and a clear purpose» and stressed that finding this talent will be the great challenge for companies in the post-covid world. «And talent that is cheap is not talent,» he warned.

Finally, the speaker and consultant made available to everyone his latest book, ‘The Virus that Reset Capitalism’, which can be downloaded at this link

Full video of the intervention: here

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