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8 apps to overcome post-holiday syndrome

According to the Spanish Society of Community Medicine and Family, post-holiday syndrome can last up to 15 days. And although it is not considered a pathology as such, it does significantly affect our performance. It is defined as the state that occurs in the worker when the process of adaptation between a period of vacation and leisure with the return to active life fails, producing discomfort that makes us respond to our routine activities with a lower performance.

To overcome this apathy, experts recommend some actions such as taking short walks in nature, tidying up spaces in our environment, reconnecting with friends and family or transferring some vacation routine to your daily life. But what can technology do to help us successfully get through the first days of September?

post-holiday syndrome

There are many ways to combat stress and all of them have an appropriate app for it. From better ordering our lives to letting our minds go blank. It is not in vain that stress causes one out of every four work-related accidents in Spain, and it should not only be reduced during the vacations, but throughout the year. Here we leave you a series of proposals for it.

  1. Headspace

A good application to meditate and release accumulated tension is Headspace. It allows users to enjoy daily 10-minute programs that introduce mindfulness meditation. The app aims to leave all users with the relaxing feeling of having their mind completely blank for a few minutes.

  1. Sleep Cycle

If your worst moment of the day is waking up, your app is Sleep Cycle alarm clock. This is an alarm clock that analyzes your sleep and wakes you up in the lightest sleep phase, achieving a natural awakening that will help you feel more relaxed and rested.

  1. MyFitness Pal Calorie Counter

This app is designed for those who come back from vacation worried about their weight. It counts the calories in food, allowing you to scan products and create recipes thanks to a calorie calculator.

  1. Motivator

If there is one thing that is truly essential in «back to school» it is motivation. This app will help us in a humorous way to get the necessary motivation to go to work or maintain the diet.

stress management

5. Jeff

If ironing, washing machines or hanging out the clothes is what weighs you down, there are also apps designed to get rid of this chore. One of them is Mr. Jeff, which offers a service that picks up the clothes where you want them and delivers them washed and ironed within 48 hours, so that the arrival home is a moment of rest and not another workload.

6. Stoic

It is an app inspired by Stoicism, a Greek and Greco-Roman philosophical school founded in the 5th century BC that considered that the good is not to be found in external objects, but in wisdom and mastery of the soul.

Stoic helps you obtain statistics so you know what most influences your mood and satisfaction. In addition, it helps you to establish some routines and proposes exercises for those moments when you are overcome by strong negative emotions.

7. Depression Test

This application allows us to send ourselves PHQ-9 self-questionnaires to check if we are in a pressurized state, providing us with a severity score based on our symptoms using nine easy-to-answer questions. Depression is diagnosed by symptoms described in the DSM-IV manual of mental disorders. These tests are intended to give us an idea about our state of mind.

8. Moodkit

We close the list with an app developed by mental health experts, which includes more than 200 activities with which we can improve our mood. It includes all kinds of advice and psychology tools, adapting the recommended activities to our needs. It has full integration with the iOS calendar, as well as unlimited ratings and mood notes per day.

mental health apps

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