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Para llevar a acabo nuestra misión trabajamos en cuatro pilares clave en el proceso de la digitalización social y económica de España


Talent aligned with the new era
Dynamizing public policies
Challenges for a digital society
Digital business maturity

1. Digital think tank
2. Digital life
3. Revolution in education
4.Transformation of business
5. Innovation
6. Digital confidence
7. Contents and intellectual property
8. Regulation and digital public affairs
9. Industry 4.0
10. CEOE


This initiative wants to feed the discourse of DigitalES and be open to trends.

  • Raising the new digital agenda in Spain
  • How to be the center of gravity of digitization in Europe
  • Consumer trends
  • How digitalis has to evolve
  • Listening to others: philosophers, pedagogues, innovative companies, investors …

As a digital reference for society, we want to explain the impact of digitalization on our lives in language that is accessible to all, to explain and learn about good practices in the use of technology that guarantee a safe, reliable and useful framework to be perceived as a positive element Partnerships with entities, agencies and administrations for the joint development of projects and proposals that facilitate real change.

Digitization has changed the way we work, relate, communicate and train.

The change has been so rapid that a gap has been created between the educational offer and the real demand for employment in society.

  • Identify skills and new digital knowledge
  • Define the relevant attitudes and behaviors so as not to be left behind in the digitalization
  • Promote that young people are not afraid of disciplines (FP, degrees, masters, …) STEM.
  • Include digital subjects in the curricula of schools and institutes.
  • Joint Commissions Government, Associations and Unions

We have signed a State Training Agreement for the Digital Economy Sector together with the major trade union organizations, CCOO and UGT, with the following objectives:

  • Evolve the training needs collection model
  • Have a dynamic training catalog that meets these needs
  • Constitute ourselves as a Joint Commission

We also teach Training Courses

The objective of this initiative is that the digitization tart grows in our country and that our associates see their sales increased and for this it is to promote measures that promote demand.

In this initiative we talk about disruptive technologies , show examples of applications and conduct pilots in our country

Issues such as:

  • Privacy
  • Data protection
  • Security

… .. NIS, ePrivacy Directive, Data Protection Regulation, Directive on Free Flow of Data, Directives on online contracting, Extrajudicial Resolution Platform for online transactions conflicts … and all the national regulations for the transposition of these issues.

  • Digital Canon
  • Audiovisual rights, of football
  • Copyright / piracy
  • Audiovisual Directive, Copyright, Directives on distribution and sale of digital content and national regulations.
  • Sectoral taxation (national and EU)
  • Transposition of the Electronic Communications Code – modification of the LGTEL.
  • Follow-up on regulatory proposals on-going techniques
  • Measures to promote demand
  • Modify public tenders that guarantee innovation
  • Prevention of occupational risks in the sector. (deployment)
  • Encourage a regulatory framework that facilitates investment
  • Promote a digital strategy and a cultural change within companies
  • Promote greater collaboration and cooperation within the different sectors
  • Strong impulse to the education and continuous training of human capital
  • The exponential change of the Industry with the arrival of 5G

To make visible and obtain the maximum benefit for the partners on all the issues, initiatives and actions of the CEOE.