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Meet our Board and the professionals that make DigitalES the most significant, influential as well as transparent business association in the broad ICT sector in Spain


The Board of Directors is in charge of the direction, administration and representation of the interests of the associates.

It is also in charge of interpreting, complying with and enforcing the Bylaws and the agreements that are made in the General Assembly. In addition, it must govern and direct the Association towards the fulfillment of its objectives.

The position of Chairman of the Board of Directors will last for two years, and may be re-elected for periods of the same duration, up to a maximum of six years.

Chairman: Eduardo Serra
CEO: Víctor Calvo-Sotelo
Secretary General: Luz Usamentiaga
Treasurer: Ginés Alarcón


The General Assembly is the supreme governing and decision-making body of the Association and is integrated by all the associates. It will meet at least once a year in its Annual Ordinary Meeting and as many times as necessary in extraordinary calls.

The Association’s management model is based on transparency and proper information shared with the associates in all decision-making.



Carmen Sánchez: Regulation & Public Affairs
Sara Hernández: Regulation & Public Affairs
Elena Amaro: Local/regional Administrations
Ana Pons: Marketing & Events
Javier Miranda: Education, Training & Talent
Elena Arrieta: Communications
Gonzalo Díaz: Community Management
Diana Prieto: Office Management

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