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DigitalES collaborates in the 10th anniversary of the Spanish Network of Smart Cities


June 2, 2022 – The second day of the Technical Committee of the Spanish Network of Smart Cities (RECI) took place today, coinciding with the tenth anniversary of this union of local administrations, of which more than a hundred municipalities are already members.

DigitalES, representing the main companies producing technologies for smart cities, has collaborated and participated in the conference, which also featured speakers such as Pablo Hermoso de Mendoza (president of RECI and mayor of Logroño), Francisco Javier García Vieira (director of Digital Public Services of, José de la Uz (mayor of Las Rozas and president of Las Rozas Innova), Javier Orozco Messana (DG Connect) and Carlos Alonso Peña (director of the Data Office Division), among others.

During this session of the RECI technical committees, experiences and proposals related to interoperability and data governance, the adoption of standards, the implementation of innovation spaces (sandbox) in cities such as Madrid and Las Rozas, or the application of emerging technologies such as blockchain were discussed.

The event took place within the framework of the MOGY fair, the Mobility, Home and Sustainable City Fair, which is being held these days in the Madrid city of Las Rozas. In addition to DigitalES, the following have collaborated in the organization of the 10th anniversary of RECI: FIWARE, Signify, ALASTRIA, the electric bus company Switch and FNMT. For its part, Goggo Network has provided an autonomous delivery robot.